What is MDMA 🤗? And why you should be ✅ careful with Ecstasy (Molly)

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What do you know about ecstasy tablets?

What do you know about Ecstasy? Actually “ecstasy” is only one of the most popular names of this drug. The other slang one is “Molly" and the sorry scientific one is MDMA. You are not interested in its full name definitely. (In case you are… Google it!)

Short list of facts about Ecstasy (Molly) Pills

The first thing is this: ecstasy is illegal. Everywhere. Nothing and nobody regulates its quality, so when you get one you can never know, whether you've got an actual clean ecstasy, something mixed with it or something that has nothing to deal with it at all. So save one just in case, so doctors would know the cause of death… or be able to save you in case of overdose.

-> Speaking of dosing, typical ones are 80 milligrams (to last about 3 hours) to 125 milligrams (to last up to 6 hours). 6 hours is the overall effect maximum to last, if you don't cross the line with the dose. Some people can feel high a bit longer.

-> Somebody claims to have nausea immediately after taking ecstasy, but even if it happens, it goes down after 45 minutes or so. The peak comes after about an hour and a half.

-> Ecstasy is often used at sex parties and lots of raping is happening because of it. How it affects you? The favorite part, isn't it? Is this what you came for? You got it. You'll feel insomniac and get huge wave of energy (to dance, study or whatever else you've taken it).

-> Ecstasy will boost your heart rate and increase blood pressure, followed by worsen memory and/or vessel problems. Your body will misread the temperature around you, so you'll either have fever or chills. It can also cause dehydration. Some people harmed themselves by drinking lots of water, trying to prevent it.

-> Your sensors will become more sensitive (that's why Molly's usage is often connected with music festivals/orgies). Due to dilated pupils you may experience light sensitivity. Side effects also include uncontrollable teeth grinding and subconscious jaw clenching.

-> Coming down from ecstasy you'll have to embrace depression, sadness and anxiety, as well as appetite loss and insomnia for 1-3 days. Moreover, some studies show that after a single use of Molly your body will temporarily not be able to experience happiness, cause the drug depletes several happy hormones’ stores.

-> The specifics differ from one doctor to another, but in general experts still don't know every way ecstasy influence people's brains. And it's scary, cause they've been studying it for decades to find something useful, like helping people with terrible life experiences, and still found nothing.

-> So think do you really need it? Or should you forget the whole idea?..

ATTENTION: My website DO NOT SELL Ecstasy, we provide information about safety.If you want to buy REAL PURE XTC you should use my recommendations about how to find trusted and safe online stores

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